Backpack Records is an independent record label founded by the Norwegian music entusiast Jørgen Øksby in 2015. The label started out in London while Jørgen was in university. In September 2016, the label moved to Berlin, Germany.


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Backpack Records Artists

After Words: Melodic Math-Rock/Emo from Oslo, Norway. 

Chrysalism: Experimental noise rock/pop from London, England.

Drawstring: Twinkly two-piece emo from Kent, England.

Don't Worry: Alternative rock from Essex, England.

FAKE OFF: Post-Hardcore/Hardcore Punk from Lille, France

I'm Glad It's You: Emo rock/indie from Redlands, California, USA.

Lightcliffe: Catchy emo rock/pop from London, UK.

Lust: Loud, heavy and dreamy rock from Toronto, Canada.

Redwood: Ambient, dreamy post-rock from Herts, England.

Save Face: Alternative emo rock from New Jersey, USA.

sleeptalking: Lo-fi one man band from Poznan, Poland.

Sunnbrella: Lo-fi dreamy indie from London, UK.

Sunshowers: Dreamy shoegaze indie from Oslo, Norway.